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Employer sponsored retirement plans


Makes Sense 401k

  • Litigation related to 401(k) plans — which had declined after the Great Recession — has surged again recently. Over 100 new 401(k) complaints were filed in 2016-17, the highest two-year total since 2008-09. A recent study explores the causes and potential consequences of this litigation.
  • That's why the Makes Sense 401k makes so much sense - its dual emphasis on dramatic liability reduction and dramatic cost reduction, benefits all parties involved and helps keep you, the employer, out of the courtroom and in your showroom, factory, construction site or office!   CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

403(b) and 457 Deferred Compensation

  • We help employees that have access to 403(b) and 457 plans understand their options.
  • With access to multiple financial companies that offer these plans, we can help employers set up new plans and add new vendors to current plans. 
  • Great American, FTJ Fundchoice, Aspire, Midland National are some of our key partners offering 403(b) and 457 plans.
  • We can provide an analysis of your account to determine the level of investment risk in your current portfolio.

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